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Beverly Ann LewisLancaster, NY, United States1988
Bradley Dean MarbleBrown Chiari, LLPLancaster, NY, United States2006
Brian K. SebaalyLancaster, NY, United States2009
Charles Thomas YoungLebensfeld Borker Sussman & Sharon LLPLancaster, PA, United States2012
Colleen Colette Mullaney-WestfallEcology and Environment, Inc. Buffalo Corporate CeLancaster, NY, United States1998
Courtney Rae HuckleEcology and Environment, Inc.Lancaster, NY, United States2009
Dale Martin VolkerDale M Volker EsqLancaster, NY, United States1967
David A. FloresHarmon & Davies PCLancaster, PA, United States1985
David Dean FensterFenster & Lewis, LLCLancaster, NY, United States1987
David Scott StablerLancaster, NY, United States1995
David William OlsonBrown Chiari LLPLancaster, NY, United States1997
Dominic John TerranovaDominic J TerranovaLancaster, NY, United States1952
Donald Paul ChiariBrown Chiari LLPLancaster, NY, United States1984
Douglas R. TrumplerLaw Offices of Douglas R Trumpler EsqLancaster, NY, United States1987
Elizabeth Rae WorthingtonEcology & EnvironmentLancaster, NY, United States2003
Essam Ernest AbadirFly Cast, Inc.Lancaster, PA, United States2000
Frank P. IppolitoZimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert LLPLancaster, PA, United States1989
Frederick M. LangFrederick M. LangLancaster, NY, United States1980
Gary M. SchaffGary M SchaffLancaster, NY, United States1977
George A. RuskGeorge A Rusk AttorneyLancaster, NY, United States1978