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Alvin DorfmanAlvin Dorfman EsqFreeport, NY, United States1958
Amelia Jean KellyThe Seaport Title Agency Ltd.Freeport, NY, United States1979
Amy Morgan CaputoAmy CaputoFreeport, NY, United States2010
Andrew Roy AxelrodAndrew Roy Axelrod EsqFreeport, NY, United States1986
Audrey Conti LevineAudrey Conti-LevineFreeport, NY, United States1985
Audrey M. FarberAudrey M FarberFreeport, NY, United States1985
Carol M. RobertsCarol M. Roberts, Esq.Freeport, NY, United States1984
Catherine F. CavanaghFreeport, NY, United States1989
Cheryl Pilgrim ClarkeCheryl Pilgrim Clarke, EsqFreeport, NY, United States1987
Daivery Gerard TaylorSilverman & Taylor PLLCFreeport, NY, United States1995
Damon C. DisimoneSea Crest ConstructionFreeport, NY, United States2001
David Steven DenderDavid S. Dender, P.CFreeport, NY, United States1987
Dawn Patricia WarrenLaw Offices of Warren and WarrenFreeport, NY, United States1999
Dennis Edward WarrenWarren & Warren LLPFreeport, NY, United States1988
Devon Anthony KingClarke & AssociatesFreeport, NY, United States2010
Edward Brian DurkinFreeport Legal PlazaFreeport, NY, United States2003
Edward HornEdward HornFreeport, NY, United States1976
Eugene John BranniganEugene J. Brannigan EsqFreeport, NY, United States1953
Eugene SchafferMintz & SchafferFreeport, NY, United States1960
Garry David SohnMalone Tauber & Sohn PCFreeport, NY, United States1978