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Aleksandr Yefroimovich TroybLegal Consulting Group, LLCDarien, CT, United States2009
Alycia Peloso CraneAlycia Peloso Crane EsqDarien, CT, United States1988
Amy Shannon ZabetakisRucci Burnham Carta Carello & Reilly, LLPDarien, CT, United States2000
Anne Murtagh HannonAnne Murtagh Hannon, EsqDarien, CT, United States1983
Anthony E. SweeneyAnthony E. SweeneyDarien, CT, United States1979
Brian Joseph MeliThe Law Firm of Brian J. Meli LLCDarien, CT, United States2011
Bridget T. CusackLaw Offices of Bridget T. Cusack, LLCDarien, CT, United States2000
C.A. Mark AhasicC.A. Mark AhasicDarien, CT, United States1980
Cathy A. HauckPartner Reinsurance Company of The U.S.Darien, CT, United States1984
Cecilia PohorilleRock Crest Capital LLCDarien, CT, United States1995
Charles Joseph LaughonC. Joseph Laughon II, Esq.Darien, CT, United States1979
Charline Vincent DaleCharline V DaleDarien, CT, United States1960
Cheryl Rylander HuffmanCheryl Rylander HuffmanDarien, CT, United States1997
Christopher A. StackChristopher Andrew Stack Esq.Darien, CT, United States1984
Christopher P. McclancyChristopher Patrick McclancyDarien, CT, United States1987
Colette Symon HanrattyRucci Law Group LLCDarien, CT, United States1993
Cornelius T. FinneganDarien, CT, United States1973
Dana Susan DolcettiDarien, CT, United States2000
Daniel John DolcettiDolcetti Law FirmDarien, CT, United States1995
Darcy Sloan McalisterRucci Burnham Carya & Edelberg, LLPDarien, CT, United States2003