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Angelo Frank ScaturroAngelo F. ScaturroCoxsackie, NY, United States1994
Anne Fahy CurtinHealing A Woman's Soul, Inc. Christ ChurchCoxsackie, NY, United States1983
Eric George GutweinNew York State Dept. of Correctional ServicesCoxsackie, NY, United States2003
James W. WarrenJames W. Warren EsqCoxsackie, NY, United States1979
Jeffrey Joseph LowLaw Office of Jeffrey J. LowCoxsackie, NY, United States2009
Joan P. TailleurJoan P. Tailleur EsqCoxsackie, NY, United States1986
Joseph H. WarrenJoseph H. WarrenCoxsackie, NY, United States1995
Natasha Afiya YatesNatasha A YatesCoxsackie, NY, United States2005
Russell Keith EismanRussell K. EismanCoxsackie, NY, United States1980
Thomas J. ForiCurtis Warren & ForiCoxsackie, NY, United States1968