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Charles Henry RichterFenimore Asset Management, Inc.Cobleskill, NY, United States2007
Cheryl Parsons ReulCheryl Parsons Reul, EsqCobleskill, NY, United States1987
Craig T. MorlangCraig MorlangCobleskill, NY, United States1994
David John PollitzerFenimore Asset Management, Inc.Cobleskill, NY, United States1982
Edward WildoveEdward WildoveCobleskill, NY, United States1978
F John HolmesF. John HolmesCobleskill, NY, United States1974
Frank Arthur DeckerFrank A DeckerCobleskill, NY, United States1954
Joanne Darcy CrumJd CrumCobleskill, NY, United States2012
Lee Christian HartjenLaw Office of Lee HartjenCobleskill, NY, United States1986
Michael Allen WestParshall and WestCobleskill, NY, United States1983
Michael J. ShultesLaw Office of Michael J. ShultesCobleskill, NY, United States2003
Michael John VerrastroSuny CobleskillCobleskill, NY, United States1989
Michael William BrosnanBrosnan Law OfficeCobleskill, NY, United States2005
Peter M. MauhsMauhs Law OfficeCobleskill, NY, United States1959
Roger H. MalleryCobleskill, NY, United States1956
Susan Jean MallerySusan J. MalleryCobleskill, NY, United States1994
Suzanne Hayner GraulichSuzanne Hayner Graulich, Esq.Cobleskill, NY, United States1994
William Charles MercierDept of Public SafetyCobleskill, NY, United States1983