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A. Gregory FinkellNorthwestern MutualCharlottesville, VA, United States2008
Alan N. CulbertsonAlan N. CulbertsonCharlottesville, VA, United States1976
Amanda Adams SaltzerUva Law SchoolCharlottesville, VA, United States2000
Amanda Spruill MoormanCharlottesville, VA, United States2008
Andrea S. LeedsThe University of Virginia Office of AdmissionCharlottesville, VA, United States1984
Anne M. CarleyAnne M Carley Atty at LawCharlottesville, VA, United States1992
Anne Marie CoughlinUniversity of Virginia School of LawCharlottesville, VA, United States1987
Anthony Albert ValenteAnthony A ValenteCharlottesville, VA, United States1985
Ari Nathanson SommerCharlottesville, VA, United States2010
Barbara A. SpellmanDepartment of PsychologyCharlottesville, VA, United States1983
Bonnie Jean LepoldSnook & Haughey, P.C.Charlottesville, VA, United States2006
Brandon Louis GarrettUniversity of Virginia School of LawCharlottesville, VA, United States2003
Brigid Osei-BobieThe Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and SchoCharlottesville, VA, United States2001
Caroline Barbour NunleyCaroline B. Nunley Attorney at LawCharlottesville, VA, United States1984
Charles R. Schuyler IIINot Currently EmployedCharlottesville, VA, United States1988
Christopher Jon SprigmanUniv. of Virginia School of LawCharlottesville, VA, United States1995
Christopher Stephen GlascottDepartment of The ArmyCharlottesville, VA, United States2004
Clare Howard McgovernMcguire Woods LLPCharlottesville, VA, United States2012
Danielle Camielle Andrews-LovellRon Brown Scholar ProgramCharlottesville, VA, United States2012
David Dean Franklin ObergVirginia Education Assoc.Charlottesville, VA, United States2004