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Anne VangraafeilandDept. of Business & Economics, Suny BrockportBrockport, NY, United States1985
Christopher Thomas WilcoxBrockport, NY, United States2004
Edward W. RileyEdward W. Riley, Esq.Brockport, NY, United States1972
Emanuel Nicholas MouganisLaw Office of Emanuel N. MouganisBrockport, NY, United States2008
James David BellJames D BellBrockport, NY, United States1979
James Justin RossSuny College at BrockportBrockport, NY, United States2001
James S. MiceliJames S MiceliBrockport, NY, United States1978
Joanne Lynn BestJoanne L. Best, LLCBrockport, NY, United States1993
Kari Ann SmokerSuny BrockportBrockport, NY, United States2001
Kevin Gardner JohnsonKlafehn & Heise P.L.L.C.Brockport, NY, United States2009
Larry Robert KossLarry R KossBrockport, NY, United States1974
Lynda Adrienne VandenbergBrockport, NY, United States2008
Mark J. ChadseySuny at BrockportBrockport, NY, United States1987
Melissa Anne FingarBrockport Central School DistrictBrockport, NY, United States1997
Nat Owens Lester IIILester & LesterBrockport, NY, United States1988
Roy A. HeiseBrockport, NY, United States1973
Shirley A. GormanShirley A. GormanBrockport, NY, United States1980
Susan Nanette BurgessLaw Office of Susan N. BurgessBrockport, NY, United States1988
Wanda Ellen WakefieldSuny College at BrockportBrockport, NY, United States1985