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Alexander H. KaufmanProfessor Alexander Kaufman Department of PoliticaAthens, GA, United States1984
Gary Ray MccoleryAthens, GA, United States1995
Gerard Andrew ZellerGerard A. Zeller Attorney at LawAthens, PA, United States1983
Harlan Grant CohenUniverstiy of Georgia School of LawAthens, GA, United States2004
Hillel Yonatan LevinUniversity of Georgia School of LawAthens, GA, United States2005
J Douglas TomaAthens, GA, United States1990
J Garrett WeaverJace WeaverAthens, GA, United States1983
Jaime Dodge ByrnesUniversity of Georgia, School of LawAthens, GA, United States2005
James C. SteenberghThe Steenbergh Law FirmAthens, NY, United States1953
James Robert Carroll Jr.Carroll & CarrollAthens, PA, United States2001
Jason Matthew SolomonAthens, GA, United States2002
John H. HoldridgeJohn Holdridge, Attorney at LawAthens, GA, United States1989
John Kocsis IIIJohn Kocsis, Esq.Athens, PA, United States1997
John Wesley KocsisKocsis Law OfficeAthens, PA, United States2006
Joshua Bar LipsmanAthens, NY, United States2006
Margaret V. SachsUniversity of GeorgiaAthens, GA, United States1978
Mason Bernard FitzgeraldAthens, GA, United States2001
Peggy Pei-Chi LeeSoutheastern Ohio Legal ServicesAthens, OH, United States2003
Raghuvijai GunturRaghuvijai Guntur, Esq.Athens, NY, United States1999
Ronald L. LyonsRonald L. LyonsAthens, TN, United States1980